Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I guess it's actually here, even though just the other day I was loving the spring like weather, we all knew it was coming. The white stuff... the sub zero weather..... the lovely days when the temperature doesn't rise above 8 degrees. I know that I need to really start "toughing it out" and do some runs on days when it's only 8-10 degrees out..... BUT as much of a die hard as I am I just can't bring myself to head out in those conditions. SO what's left for StevO? It all takes place indoors... me and my trainer are very good friends this time of year. Today... once again one hour spinning as intensly as possible. My legs are definately getting stronger, I can spin for an hour and still have plenty left in the tank for some more time..... now all I have to do is find more time. I want to be up to spinning for 2 to 3 hours straight by the end of winter. I'm also pushing up the resistance on the trainer as I go. I'm spinning for an hour on resistance level 3, (out of 5) I hope to be able to do the 2-3 hours on atleast level 3, 4 would be better, but 3 would be acceptable. I am doing lots of pure strenghtening exercises in an attempt to help with the power my legs have for the cycling. Lots of squats and lunges.... lots of work. Stronger legs will help all around. It's about 30 out today, so I think I'll go for an evening run with Bridge. Should be enjoyable.... cold, but enjoyable.


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