Monday, September 24, 2007

Hmmmmm Bachelor Party.... Not a good training weekend

Well well well.... another beautiful weekend over.... and what's that? Oh no I didn't run.... or bike,....or swim..... nope... Bachelor party. That's right over indulgence of all kinds and exercise... well that topped out at swinging the golf clubs. Don't get me wrong by any means it was fun, but no exercise what so ever..... SO.... what does that mean for the woefully behind schedule Mr. Steve? Well it means he has to work A LOT HARDER..... I'm hoping to get an hour or two in on the bike this afternoon/evening before my flag football game... yeah that's right just back from not being allowed to run at all to pushing myself way to hard on the old dogs. so far so good, but still a bit tentative about what I do. I hope all is well with you all in cyberland and I'll be pushing out 5 or 6 miles this Wednesday I hope with my old training cronies from the Leukemia Lymphoma Society's Team in Training Program. Great group of people.


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