Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Morning Swim.....(edited)

Well lazy got up this morning for a nice swim. We did quite a bit this morning. Kind of well.... boring, but I guess it's yardage.

800 Yard Warm-Up. (150 free - 50 stroke)
200 Yard Kick
200 Yard Pull
50 Easy Free

(Ooooops.... Thanks JT... Overstating my workout)
3 x 300 Yard Sets
6 x 150 Yard Sets....

Like I said not too "exciting" but yardage none the less.

Not a bad morning - Tendinitis in my left elbow seems to have flared up and will be quite an interesting injury to work through since I can't just say well I'll spin up the running and let my arm heal, since I can't run yet..... GRrrrrrr

Yesterday's TNT Triathlon group swim practice was a nice day in the water but not the kind of yardage I need. We were trying to get a good view of our triathletes and see what we needed to fix on their strokes, to make them more efficient in the water. We have a VERY good base to work from with the group. I'm very excited about getting everyone in the water, They are going to be a very good group to work with through this whole process.

I hope you all are well and keeping warm in this lovely weather we have in Cleveland.


At 8:23 AM, Blogger Jodi said...

Were we at the same practice? I did 3 x 300 and 6 x 150....

You must have become a machine when I left!




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