Thursday, January 25, 2007

JT's 3,000

Friday January 19th

Made it to Practice today….. much to the chagrin of our good friend JT I think…. She had sent me a note the day before that I didn’t get until after practice. It was informing me that the deal is …… We’re doing a 500 Yd Warm-up and then a 3.000…. DEAL WITH IT! So not knowing that, I walked into practice with a nice outlook on the whole thing then as I was talking to JenC one of the guys we swim with comes over and asks… do you know what JT’s plans are for today? I said …. “do about a million yards.” To which he responded with a chuckle…. and “yeah she’s doing 500 yard warm-up and then a 3.000, is that cool with you?”, “I guess, she’s the one that’s training hard for the Ironman, I’m in, can’t guarantee I’ll finish, but I’ll do my best to not hold things up.” As he walked away there was some discussion between him and JT and BOOM… off they went. I talk to Jen for another minute informing her of the “new” workout to which she replied “I’m out” and then off I went…. chasing them for the next hour. My arms are starting to get a bit over worked I think. I definitely need to NOT lift arms the day before a swim workout, but I pulled my way through the soreness. When the pain got out of hand I would do Breast stroke for a while till I could get my get m arms under me again. Then off to chasing again. I think I did about 2,600 yards with them, good day for me… having been LAZY for so long…. to be able to suffer through that was a good.


At 4:11 PM, Blogger E-Speed said...

3,000 straight? Boring, yawn!

Give me repeats! (And lots of fun kick, pull toys!)

At 9:06 AM, Blogger Jodi said...

Hehe- I'm a bit behind on my blogging- can ya tell?

I really appreciate you guys doing that with me. I'll be doing that every Wed. now. Don't worry, I'll go in another lane if you guys don't want to do it!

It's really good mental practice. Powering through the second 1000 is my biggest hurdle.

Hope to see you there next week!



At 5:13 PM, Blogger JenC said...

Where'd you go Steve? Coming back to CSU one of these cold mornings? I'm just yanking your chain. I wouldn't choose to get out of a warm bed if I didn't have to.


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