Monday, March 10, 2008

Hello cruel siren. I know it's been a while since I've been to see you, however I have been busy... what with the marriage and honeymoon and all.... but I did keep working on the other things in life... the other goals, the driving force to get up and move every morning. The nagging canary that's constantly chirping in my ear... "Oh Steve..... it's time to get to swim practice.... it's time to spin for 2 hours.... it's time to run as much as you think your legs can handle with out breaking again....

So as I said been back at it for a while now. back from the hiatus that is a honeymoon.

Swimming at least once a week... at least 3,000 yards, my shoulder is causing me some heart ache and worry... the shin was one thing, but the separated shoulder didn't cause me that much pain when I was really putting in the mileage.... so hopefully the muscles will get back on program and my shoulder will get stronger.

Biking... I've been spinning very consistently, at least 4 hours a week, holding 18 miles per hour on number 3 resistance. The other day I pulled for 2 hours straight and was feeling pretty good.... except for my butt.... still don't have my butt quite ready to handle the hours on that stupid seat.....

Running... been doing as much as I feel comfortable doing with the leg history that I've had.... Ran another 5k this last weekend, and I'm signed up for St. Malachi 5 mile run this Saturday which should be another good test for me and my legs. Hopefully I can recover from this damn snow storm by then... My back and legs are so incredibly sore it's not funny... too much lifting of frozen water.

Till later. Off to the gym. Must lift and do some carido today and get up and swim and cardio tomorrow.....


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