Thursday, May 29, 2008

Flying Pig Half Marathon

My first half marathon back after 2 1/2 years of off of running.... with a lull in running as long as I've had I was unsure as to how I would do in the half marathon. I had some concern that half way through the race my shin would once again start hurting and I would have to stop running. There would be no larger deflation I could think of right now than a return of shin pain stopping me from running again. Not sure I would be able to handle another 2 1/2 year stoppage, luckily!!! We did not have such an issue. Bridge and I drove down on Friday night to visit our friends Dan and Claire who would be running the race with us. Dan, Claire, and Myself the half and Bridge the full.

Saturday we made the trip downtown to hit the expo... AND more importantly watch our niece run the 25 yard dash! She is soooo cute. she did excellent.. even though her mom and I had to run... literally run to the check in and packet pick up so we could get her there on time. So the run down to the start line went something like this.... I'm carrying the cutie pie, and her mom carrying a back pack.... and if you know her it's not a normal size pack is gynormous.... so Bets and I are huffing and puffing our way down there running as fast as possible with our respective weights.... hers flopping back and forth a bit on her back... and mine... cackling like a crazy person! It was hysterical. I was doing my best not to laugh at her because had I started laughing we would not have made it.

Sunday we got up very early and of course were running late getting out the door... we were there on time and got the girls into the corral at the 3:50 pace group... Claire was going to pace Bridge till the turn off. They were doing fantastic from what info I had.
So per doctors orders and the wife's angry looks (loving concern) and my own concerns for my legs I was dedicated to run two miles and then walk one and then run two etc, etc, etc. First Half marathon time 2:17 minutes... boy wouldn't that be nice... but not with this walking thing.... hopes? To finish in about 2:50 - 3:00. So we're running and walking, and running and walking, and running and walking.... I'm feeling surprisingly well for having a long run of only about 5 miles leading up to this race. My legs are light and springy and I'm actually climbing hills better than I ever have. Dan and I hit mile 9 where the Half and the Full split... knowing that Bridget's family and my mom had been there earlier watching as Bridge and Claire passed quite a bit earlier. I commented to Dan that I hope they left or else they wouldn't get to see Bridget later and I wanted her to have as much support as possible. As we passed mile 11 Dan and I ran into my mom. She was walking to the finish, hoping to see us. Bridget's parents had taken off trying to catch her out near mile 15-16.

Bridge has been working so hard and we all had some very high hopes as she passed the half way point which is the last update I received until she crossed the finish line.... she was on pace to finish in a 3:50.... Where does one get an update you ask? Well when family members are walking the course a head of you with a cell phone and are having the updates sent to them, they can update you. Very pleasant the text messages of progress! I think it's a wonderful thing - I thank whomever thought ...."ya know I get these text message thingies on my phone... and all of these runners are wearing chips... and we're recording the times... and ya know we could really automate sending these out to people who are cheering on these athletes so they know when to expect them and how quickly they need to move to the next place". We've tracked a few of our friends through Boston and other races to see if they are doing. It's nice to get updated. So in short thanks to my mom for walking from mile 9 to the finish so she could see Dan and I run and also update us on Bridget's progress.

I have to say that I was not disappointed in my completion time. I had A LOT of gas left in the tank when I rounded the corner for the last half a mile.... I did what every good friend would do when a buddy of yours was nice enough to run/walk a half marathon with you.... You take off running.... fast. Sorry Dan. I just wanted to finish as best I could.... I'm sure you'll destroy me next time like you did in Carlsbad.

Bib FName LName Age Sex ChipTime ClockTime Overall SexPl DivPl
17669 Steven Smith 33 M 2:32:19 2:35:04 4815 2289 163


At 6:54 AM, Blogger E-Speed said...

Awesome report Steve! Glads those shins are holding up. Way to dust your friend at the end ;) LOL


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