Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good Idea......Bad Idea

Good Idea.... Use trail runs to add mileage to your weekly totals and while recovering from stress fractures! Less impact, typically a slower pace and some darn good scenery as well.

Bad Idea..... Your first trail run.... the Muddy paws 5 mile race.... Not that I do not intend on doing it again next year, but I think I probably should have started out with something a little ..... hmmm how should I say this.... EASIER.... That is one heck of a run. If I counted correctly 18 wonderful hills.... and rolling hills would be an understatement. The switch back stairs (if you can call them that) were my favorite... as you got close to the end of the leg of stairs this fleating hope of ..... oh good the stairs are over would flash across your mind, just before you comprehended that NOPE in fact there is yet another switch back.

A big thank you to Virtical Runner for putting on a wonderful race - a truely well run, marked and supported event. I am looking forward to next year.

This race got quite a turn out this year. the 2-mile race started first, people running with their pooches. Smallest dog I saw was a Schipperke, largest was a Great Dane... so quite a variance in dogs. It was nice to see so many people out running for the summit county humane society. Beautiful day... but a little hot. We were all sweating like crazy - there was one poor dog that was dehydrated prior to the finish, one of the runners and her husband left with the humane society representative to take care of the poor thing..... three bottles of water, a water bowl, and a large piece of cloth to create shade if necessary (from what I remember - I seem to recall a completely full camel back as well). They left in a hurry and unfortunately I can not say how the dog is, I didn't get an update.

So... how did I do? I completed the 5-mile loop in just under an hour. And I can honestly say that was the hardest 5-mile run I have ever completed. I can remember back to the first 5-mile run of my adult life... and it was no where near as difficult as this race. Everyone on the trails were friendly and courteous... You kind of need both of those when there are over a hundred people running on trails that vary in width from only abotu 1 to 5 feet wide. The trails are very technical and for those of you who are thinking about trial running, it's fun, but you have to be sure that you pick your feet up. I never thought I was taking for granted the fact that I didn't have to pay attention to EVERY step when I ran..... well kids. I now know that I most certainly was taking for granted the surfaces that I'm used to running on. When your in the woods with rocks, roots and debris on the trails you are trying to run on you fast learn that you need to know exactly where EVERY step is going to land... and how your are going to push off to give you a place for the next step. There were several areas while descending a hill where the roots were so bad, in my opinion, that you had to be thinking about 4 steps ahead or you would literally have to stop running and walk through the area. Again... it was fun, and I recommend it for anyone who needs a change of pace, but be sure that you know your limits and don't go too far your first time out, or it will be a long walk back once your legs are dead.

That's all for now..... see you on the trails.


At 5:06 PM, Blogger ramblings of a runnner said...

so... glad i signed you up for this one or no????


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