Friday, January 25, 2008

Hmmmm is it 10 degrees out or is it just me?

So.... Thursday night I once again tried my hand at another brick workout. I really do enjoy these workouts. I only wish I could do them with ..... well a temperature above 10 degrees. You know, no matter how well you dress that first half mile is a true test of will. You step out that door, head towards the street, and start to think... "wow.... my face is freezing, glad I put some Vaseline on.....and my nose is burning with each breath.... maybe this isn't such a good idea." You move forward due to self motivation alone, you focus on that which you drives you, the thing you're striving for, your reason for running in the first place. you head out only because you feel you need to, you're the only who would truly know if you didn't pound the pavement today, no one would think you the weaker for not running in 10 degrees..... Seriously most people don't want to walk to their cars when it's that cold.

So you head out into the snow.... yes there is snow on the ground where we live... not much today, sidewalks covered in about and inch or two in places. Just enough snow to ruin your stride as you attempt to keep a good pace up hill. The bitter cold burns your lungs at first with each breath, any exposed skin burns as you trudge out into the night. We headed out clad in our reflective gear, glowing arm bands and head lamps. For a while I felt like a Clydesdale in one of those Budweiser commercials, with every breath a billowing cloud of steam left my mouth and was illuminated by the head lamp, temporarily limiting my vision to a bright white cloud of steam, as if running through a thick fog. We talked about if we were crazy, and if we were under dressed. I had some cold spots on my wrists where I only had two layers on. One thing you typically don't think about if your a "warm" climate runner, or a treadmill grinder is those darn shoes are not the best in the cold... lots and lots of cold comes in through the nice venting material that was designed to keep your feet from sweating too much when it's warm....

It was interesting.... about 9 miles on the bike and a 5 mile run afterwards. My only complaint is the snow on the sidewalks. With every step your feet tend to slip out from underneath you and as I said earlier the harder you push to run up a hill the more your feet slip, and the more steps you have to take... you can't just lengthen your stride, you have to shorten your stride and quicken your turnover to run faster you can move over the snow.... in theory.

Hope to see you all out snow shoeing with me soon!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I guess it's actually here, even though just the other day I was loving the spring like weather, we all knew it was coming. The white stuff... the sub zero weather..... the lovely days when the temperature doesn't rise above 8 degrees. I know that I need to really start "toughing it out" and do some runs on days when it's only 8-10 degrees out..... BUT as much of a die hard as I am I just can't bring myself to head out in those conditions. SO what's left for StevO? It all takes place indoors... me and my trainer are very good friends this time of year. Today... once again one hour spinning as intensly as possible. My legs are definately getting stronger, I can spin for an hour and still have plenty left in the tank for some more time..... now all I have to do is find more time. I want to be up to spinning for 2 to 3 hours straight by the end of winter. I'm also pushing up the resistance on the trainer as I go. I'm spinning for an hour on resistance level 3, (out of 5) I hope to be able to do the 2-3 hours on atleast level 3, 4 would be better, but 3 would be acceptable. I am doing lots of pure strenghtening exercises in an attempt to help with the power my legs have for the cycling. Lots of squats and lunges.... lots of work. Stronger legs will help all around. It's about 30 out today, so I think I'll go for an evening run with Bridge. Should be enjoyable.... cold, but enjoyable.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Winter? are you sure?

Monday JANUARY 7th.... seems more like April or early May. So it was darn near 60 today, and guess what that means! BRICK WORKOUT! When it's this nice a day and you've been unable to enjoy running workouts for as long as I have you take advantage of every day you can.

As I've discussed earlier the doctors have given me a thumbs up to start running, and I'm trying to and be careful about it, to be sure NOT to destroy my legs again. With that said, today consisted of an 18 mile ride followed by a 5 mile run.

Due to the lack of running, I have to say that my cycling has improved dramatically. I can finish several hours of cycling, holding about 18 - 20 miles per hour and not be too fatigued in the ol'tree trunks. Finishing the ride this afternoon/evening I felt great heading out to the streets. Bridget came with me for the run today, which is always nice to have a running buddy. I feel bad for her since I used to be her running buddy... and now... well,I struggle to keep up. Bridge is running at a sub 8 minute per mile pace for 5 K's and longer... but I'm working on 9 minute per mile pace for 5 K's right now. We ran 5 miles at a 10 minute per mile pace which was very comfortable for me. I was not struggling/winded/or cramping at all. Last "brick" type workout I did was a triathlon and I was having some cramping issues during the end of the run, so it seems like if I keep myself under control as far as pace goes I can keep the legs moving.

Workout went very well. I am quite please and believe I will start to incorporate a brick once a week into my workout. I think this will be a very good step in the right direction, keep cycling and cross training and add a brick instead of just a run once per week. Maybe next week I'll run 6 miles instead of 5? We'll see. Not putting the distance in front of my leg's healing. I hope you are all well and I look forward to seeing you on the road!!

Keep moving Cleveland!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas Morning

The first annual Christmas morning fun run!!!! 3 miles of enjoyable Christmas morning running. and 4 people who at least enjoyed the hats as they drove by..... Bridge and I had a nice run Christmas morning. I look forward to many years of continued fun....

Chistmas Holidays.....

As with every year the Chirstmas holidays brings us happyness and this year some very deep sadness. Kenny P was a good friend and we will all miss him. Kenny's struggles with Leukemia, and Graft Versus Host Disease has been a very motiviational for soooo many people it's hard to imagine a world without him. Kenny was a insparational to me in many ways, he came to work, which I found amazing with the way this disease ravaged his body. His outlook on life and the way he could keep positive with the daily struggles. Kenny made the best of every day, I envy his dedication to living life.... so many of use don't take advantage of every day. I've been trying to get back on the road to allow me to complete a marathon for the leukemia lymphoma Society for several years now. Doctor says it's ok to start running, slowly building up miles.... I was looking forward to finishing the race in "honor" of Kenny, and talking to him about the race. I will finish a race in Kenny's memory. I'm sure that he'll be there to help me along the way.

Kenneth Pasko, 45 years, of Brecksville, OH, died Saturday December 22, 2007, in Flower Hospital Sylvania, OH. Ken received a stem cell transplant at the University Hospital in Cleveland and fought valiantly the disease called Graft vs. Host (GVHD) for over 6 years. His sister Konnie was the donor of the stem cells. Ken worked as an engineer at Johnson Controls in the Cleveland area. The son of Michael and Beverly (Vandemark) Pasko he was born August 17, 1962 in Toledo. He was a Michigan State University graduate obtaining a degree in Civil Engineering. Ken enjoyed his annual fishing trip to Chiblow Lake in Iron Bridge, Canada for the past 30+ summers fishing with Dick, Stanley, Jeff, Joe, Mike, Dan, Tom, Bill, Steve, and Grandpa's Pope and Al; he also took 2 vacations to Alaska with his Dad and spent about 25 days there enjoying the wilderness and sight of this wonderful state. Ken also enjoyed sports and followed the Cleveland Browns and Indians, Green Bay Packers, and Toledo Mud Hens. He was a member of the Professional Society "ASHRAE" in the Cleveland area. Ken is survived by his loving family; parents Mike and Beverly of Temperance; sisters Konnie (Mark) Tlasky of New Milford, CT and Kristina (Ned) Crystal of Smyrna, GA; nephews Ryan and Christopher Tlasky; best friend Rock; friends Allan, Ron, Jeff, and many others in the Bedford area; friends Ray, Jeremy, JP, Ron, Denny, Tim, Ed, Jeff, Gary, Tom, their families, and many others in the Cleveland area. Visitation will be Wednesday from 1 until 9 p.m. in the Bedford Funeral Chapel, 8300 Lewis Avenue Temperance, MI. The Funeral Mass will be Thursday at 11 a.m. in Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church, Temperance where he will lie in state at 10 a.m., celebrated by the Pastor Rev. Fr. Daniel Nusbaum. Interment will be in the church cemetery. The family requests that in lieu of flowers a donation be made so that the family may distribute to the multitude of charities that Ken was involved with.