Saturday, December 30, 2006

Day Two Back on my Feet

Second day back on my feet spent another half hour on the cross trainer machine and lifted... so far so good on the loading exercises with no pain in my legs yet. I have to be more careful I start to have any pain in my right shin. Doc says that if any pain starts or soreness lingers after my workouts I have to stop the exercises and go back to nada..... Doesn't sound like fun huh? I was having a conversation with Bridge about this the other day and she asked..."does it hurt not?"... I responded no... then she made a statement that rang pretty loudly with me..."well does it not hurt or do you feel no pain there at all?... because we know your ability to pay attention to your pain tolerance works really well". Yeah I guess when you get to the point of 5 fractures in the right leg and one in the left you might have an issue with paying attention to pain or discomfort a bit. So I'm going to be a bit more careful for a while. I'm heading downstairs as soon as I finish this and jumping on the bike.... so the new year is coming soon and I'm REALLY looking forward to it.

I hope to see you all out there and maybe in the water as well..... see you soon.


Thursday, December 28, 2006


So.... Lets see... been gone a very long time since I've been to visit my own page...

So. Here's what's been happening... just had my last visit with the doctor and been given the green light to try to "power" walk or use the elliptical machine. So I've been given the go a head for some "loading" exercises. I've been back to the gym playing with the elliptical machine and lifting so I'm having lots of fun.

On to the title.... This means presents... and I got good ones!

I got a magnetic resistance trainer for my bike and I've set up the game machine in front of it so I can play games to keep my mind off of the riding while I'm training... The magnetic trainer has five resistance levels and is fantastic!

I also got some more wicking shirts and cycling shorts... always a must. I'm set for winter training.

I've also once again signed up to be a mentor for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society's Team in Training. I was picked to mentor for the Philadelphia Triathlon, so I will get to actually train with my mentees this season. I'm setting up some group swims and come spring group rides with these charitable and gutsy folks. This should be a good group and lots of fun training to train with.

I hope to be up and running by February and look forward to a good year of Tri's!

I hope to see you all out there!

I'll be hitting the USMS practices again come January. Looking forward to that as well.

Later kiddos!