Tuesday, July 25, 2006

First Night of Tri Club Swim Practice.

OK.... So. First night at the swim practice in Bay Village. We did about 1.6 Miles in the "fresh" waters of Lake Erie. Felt GREAT! Good swim... good people. We had a really nice day, water was fairly smooth for Lake Erie. We had a really nice storm roll through about 4:30 - 5:30... Thunder, Lightning, Monsoonesk Rains... Fantastic... Thought it might be cancelled.... got there and was joined by 5 other die hards... the clouds subsided and we had we hit the water right on time... 6:30. Busted out the first 3/4 mile, almost effortlessly. We were just cruising through the mileage, Made the next pass across the beach and then P and I raced the next pass across the beach and we both decided that "NOW THAT is the way that these practices should GO!!!!" While we treaded water waiting for the rest of the group we chatted about proper strokes. N and I chatted about his stroke and what he could fix to speed up a bit. It's an unfortunate issue with most triatheletes... no one taught then how to truly swim. Most of us are lacking the knowledge that comes with years and years of organized swimming... The proper stroke Technique. It's very important for both efficiency and for speed. So P and I were giving N some pointers when we finished the swim. I think that with some very simple changes he can really get quite a bit faster and more efficient. So we have something to work on for the next couple of weeks..... So that's it for Today.... OH... and my recommendations are for anyone who is trying to speed up their swimming time... when you practice do it with drag.... it will improve your power. which is very important when your talking about open water swimming. I always wear my speedo and a pair of swimming trunks, and a shirt (spandex)... when I get a bit stronger I'll add some more drag.... when you take off the drag or put on your wet suit you will "FLY" through the water.... Stronger and with effortlessly.... think of it as if you were running all the time with one of those little chutes on that football running backs use to improve their speed.... Ok... Seriously Gotta go. Tators Kids.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Feelin'' the depression from lack of running......

So... What is it about running that makes you feel that much better? Why does biking or swimming not fulfill my body and brain's need for endorphin release? I can swim... a mile or two and finish... be tired... a little Jello-eeee in the arms and just in general feel like I've gotten a good workout... but not that high that comes with running.???? I think it's partly to blame for my BLAHness right now. Doesn't help that I'm at this moment sitting at a park bench watching my mentees from the Leukemia Lymphoma Society's Team In Training run, and can't join them.... part of the whole mentor experience is to spend that time with them, training.... talking.... Putting their minds at ease that the Marathon they are training for isn't going to be that big of a rock to jump over....It'll be a challenge... no doubt..... but not the shear rock face and you're standing there with no equipment with which to climb that some people make it out to be. I'm a firm believer in you can do what ever you put your mind to..... you just have to give yourself up to it.... whatever "IT" is and give yourself to it completely.... now that may cause you some issues... like scheduling issues, and sometimes... sleeping issues... Socializing issues... but these are the things you agreed to give up when you agreed to "give yourself to IT". Now that sounds kinda dooms dayish... because I know plenty of people who have been more than successful in balancing their life and their "IT". You just need some very understanding people around you.... especially loved ones. I hope that you all do have those people around you and they are supportive to the point of fault. It's amazing how much the positive comments of a loved one can do for you.... or seeing their face as you push your way up a hill...feeling the burn in your legs and that little prick that lives in the back of your head.... just sits there telling you "just stop, seriously you don't need to be doing this.... listen you got up, you got here, you made it through most of this thing.... that's enough isn't it.... listen your legs hurt... your tired... you've swam, and biked, look just stop and walk..." and then you see somehow out of the sea of faces that one that you know... that person who's voice is carrying over everyone elses... they're here cheering for YOU.... and it's amazing your brain just slams that door... listen little gremlin guy... GO HOME!!!! and your legs feel lighter... and your cadence goes up a bit and you've got a little more spring in your step... and then it comes the thing that takes away the pain.... (NO NOT ADVIL).... then you smile, and as soon as those lips turn up your rain just injects this boost of endorphins into your body... you go numb to the pain, you stop struggling, and just run for the pleasure of it.... you can't believe you ever doubted yourself. You push yourself to the next familiar face, pushing harder than before and smiling bigger than before. Then it RRRRREEEEAAAAALLLLLYYY hits you .... that moment every everyone in the race is waiting for... if you've done one of these longer races you know what I'm talking about.... your exhausted, this RIGHT NOW... today your race is THE FARTHEST you've EVER gone...and there it is.... the finish. AND NOTHING feels like getting to that finish line and stepping across it and saying to yourself, I've done it.... I've beaten you. and then .... in a hour, or a day, sometimes a week.... you then decide it wasn't that bad.... and NOW I've got a GOAL!!!!! beat my last time! and so you start training again....and maybe it's that expectancy of that flood of emotions that gives you the high... maybe it's you're naturally on a level higher than normal, because ,you in the back of you mind, remember that moment.... well that's it for now kiddies. thanks for reading.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Runs prior to the development of stress fractures..... Those were the days. Life was soooo nice back then.... But just think that this gives me time to concentrate on my swimming and biking.

Since the last posting I've been working WAY hard on my house.... We painted just about every room in the house and redecorated just about everything. I also poured about 3 yards of Concrete on my front porch to create a new topping. Had to build the form and mix two bags of concrete with a bonding agent and THEN the cement truck showed up.... It's was pretty cool actually. The truck mixed the cement right there... Not one of those big mixer trucks... Pretty sweet. The truck was split into two sections one for the rock and one for sand and a water reservoir. So it backed up to the porch and poured it into wheelbarrow and then I would dump it and then we had to level it and then bull float it, and then smooth it out and then brush it.... Then seal it. Looks really nice actually. THEN came the retaining wall / planter. I built a retaining wall with one of those retaining wall systems.... 82 pounds interlocking bricks.... WOWZERS! Lots of block moving... Then you have to fill the retaining wall / planter with 3 TONS of stone... Then yard after yard after yard of dirt to fill it with.... Now all I have to do is plant some stuff in there. Sooner or later. It looks good none the less.

Saturday we had a fundraiser in my back yard for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.... We had a corn hole tournament. Went over very well. 16 teams and a very wonderful day for a double elimination tournament, some hotdogs, hamburgers, and roasted corn. Great day.... We made some very good money for the cause and everyone had fun. We'll do it again next year I think.... Maybe we'll do it again sooner.

Been great. Talk to ya all soon.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bringing you up to date.......

Hi All.... We're just getting started on this whole weird, exciting and contorted trip. For any of you who me or knew me in the past this is one of those HOLY COW!!! he's doing WHAT???? kind of things. A guy who went from 170 playing college water polo to almost 300 playing flip cup and beer pong... is going to swim 2.4 miles, followed by riding 112 miles, and finishing with a Marathon?... right I bet he can't even walk 26.2 miles.... Well that's the plan...

First Triathlon - Olympic Length - Cleveland Triathlon
July 17th 2005
1500 Meter Swim
28 Mile Bike
10K Run
3 hours 15 minutes.... spent 15 minutes in the transitions... HA!

First Half Marathon - Carlsbad Marathon and Half (CALI BABY!!!!)
January 15th 2006
13.1 Miles
2 Hours 17 Minutes

First signs of Stress Fractures...
Pain... well January 1st 2006
Diagnosed after months of pain....March 2006.

Currently July 11th 2006,.... Starting Bone Stimulator in about a week.
This lovely device will hopefully stimulate growth and repair of my right tibia.
I will be down from running for AT LEAST 3 months.... perhaps 6.
Still a better option than steel.
Sooooo I'm concentrating on what I'm allowed to do while I heal... Swim and Bike!

Obviously I need to get back running before I complete an IronMan Triathlon
Talk to you all soon....
Thanks for stopping by.!